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We've grown over the years, thanks to many old and new loyal customers. The longevity of our pharmacy comes from our commitment to quality patient care and unsurpassed customer service. TAS Drug is where you get more than just a prescription and we are more than your traditional apothecary. Our specialized staff offers many services including:

FREE Wellness Center Classes - We offer free diabetes classes to help you gain control of your health. The pharmacists at Tas Drug teach a one-hour class to help you learn more about your chronic disease state. We want to partner with you to improve your overall health and well-being! *This class is offered at the Cherryville & Maiden locations only - please call for more information on class dates and times.

Immunizations - Our pharmacists are certified to give you your immunizations. From annual flu shots to the Shingles vaccine, we can help you! TAS drug now offers the annual flu vaccine, Tdap (whooping cough), pneumonia (including Prevnar 13) and the shingles vaccine. No appointments necessary! Most vaccines don't require a prescription and are covered by Medicare. Please call for additional information and questions about co pays.

Natural Health Supplements - Each TAS Drug location offers a full line of quality Mason Vitamin products. The Cherryville location offers a wider variety of health supplements including homeopathic remedies, essential oils and natural health and beauty products. Each location also stocks several different kinds of natural lice treatments.